Transonic Pro Heavy Duty Pest Repeller

Transonic Pro Heavy Duty Pest Repeller
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Get Rid of Pests for up to 3500 sq Feet!

The Transonic Pro Pest Repeller drives pests away with sounds they can't stand! This unit is a versatile ultrasonic/sonic pest repeller. It repels almost all pests! Including:

-Small animals like raccoons, skunks, squirrels and chipmunks.

-Bats, rats and mice.

-Spiders, fleas, ticks and other flying crawling insects.


Almost every pest is effected by this unit. We've found no other unit that repells as many pests as this one single device. For under $100, you won't find better, more effective coverage in any other product.


Set it to the desired pest control setting.

How does the unit work?

The Transonic Pro Pest Repeller is unique in its design. It uses "Psychoacoustic Jamming" Electronic technology to keep an area free of pests. The Transonic's Intense, variable pitch ultrasonic and sonic sound waves effectively repel pests. This noisy, hostile, dynamic sound environment is intolerable to pests, yet friendly to pets, humans and the environment.

The Transonic Pro has 9 Different Settings: User-friendly controls let you choose frequency/volume and sound pattern. Ultrasonic for most indoor pests; sonic (audible) for most outdoor pests.

Where can I use it?

NOTE: While this unit is extremely effective, we do not recommend using it inside a home around people. This unit is audible to humans, even on the ultrasonic settings, and if you plan on being around the unit, it will be uncomfortable. 

We recommend this unit out in a garage, a barn, or up in an attic space, where people won't be directly exposed to the noise. If you're looking for something absolutely inaudible to humans, we recommend the equally effective Attack Wave Pest Repeller. The Attack Wave is perfect for the indoor environment. To go to the Attack Wave Click Here.

The Transonic Pro Pest Repeller has proven to be effective in Food establishments, farms, garages, basements, attics and crawl spaces, barns, roof eaves and awnings, warehouses, commercial facilities, porches, pool areas, campsites and more. 

One-Time Investment
Less expensive, less dangerous than perpetual chemical use.


Dimensions: 6” x 3” x 3”

Sound Pressure: 96 dB at ½ meter

Weight: 3 pounds

Frequency: 3 – 40 kHz

Coverage: To 2000 square feet depending on environment.

Power Consumption: Less than 5 watts

Power Input: 9V (150 mA) adaptor / 110 or 220-240 vAC, orDC via battery or cigarette plug

Includes: Unit, AC adaptor with cord, complete instructions



Not one rat has come back. I recently purchased the Transonic Pro to repell a serious rat problem. They simply would continue to chew their way in no matter what I did. I am happy to say that your product works fantastic!! Not one rat has come back. I turn the unit on at night when I leave, because that is when the rats would come back. I use the highest setting because no one is at the shop so there is no one but the rats to bother. It works very effectively, if used correctly. I live on Vancouver Island where we typically have lots of rats, so it is great to find a product that really delivers. Thanks so much! 
-Hilde H McLean-

Worth it's weight in gold – it works! I ordered this product seven days ago. I bought the Transonic Pro due to mice and rat infestations in my home. I haven't seen or heard any mice in my home since the day I plugged the unit into my wall outlet. I heard a mouse scrambling to exit my premises shortly after I plugged it in. This product works! I can be used indoors and outdoors and it has different settings for raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats, rats, mice and crawling or flying insects. Get yourself a rodent repeller that works if you need one!
–Mary A. -

Our lake house was plagued with squirrels for years.
 The wood siding was riddled with holes. We patch one and the darn squirrels chew another hole nearby. One weekend we saw daylight through one of the bedroom walls where the critters had chewed completely through! We tried Bengay, chicken wire, traps, etc. Nothing worked. Then we purchased the Transonic Pro. No more squirrels! We have two units in the attic of our lake house that work perfectly to keep squirrels away!

–Mike H. from Alabaster, AL

Squirrels and raccoons, beware! This thing WORKS! It will sendd rodents running/packing their bags. If you have a squirrel or raccoon problem, I would recommend you buy a Transonic Pro to get them out and seal the entry/access points so they don't return.


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